Your Facebook Postings Can Cost You Your Job: Karaism

I’ve been unemployed for the past few months and was recently laid off. IUsing Facebook Can Cost you your Job’ve applied to several jobs, and haven’t even been contacted for an interview. My sister said that I need to be careful with the postings and pictures that I posted on Facebook, since employers look at that sort of thing nowadays. She says I should delete some photos I have on facebook, and some other posts. I think she’s overreacting! What’s appropriate to post on Facebook? I want to make sure I get a job, soon!

Janie Neil

Hi Janie,

Actually, your sister has some valid points. Facebook recently made it a violation of their Statement of Rights and Responsibilities to share or solicit Facebook passwords. Facebook wanted to address an alarming practice where employers are asking applicants to reveal their passwords on Facebook, in order to deny potential employment. The legality of this practice is yet to be addressed, but Facebook believes that employers are exposing themselves to potential liability in discrimination lawsuits.

Until this issue is addressed, it is best to err on the safe side. Safeguard the information you display on your Facebook wall, especially if you are concerned about finding a job. Control your audience, and ensure that your posts and photos are only viewable by friends or friends of friends. Do not give your password to anyone, especially a prospective employer. Finally, you may want to remove any photos and posts that would make your elderly Grandmother cringe. If it offends your Gradmother, it will likely offend a conservative employer.

Its a competitive job market, so maximize your chances of landing a job. Dont let the photos you posted on Facebook of you chugging a bottle of Tequila last summer hold you back! Take down that rant where you called your boyfriend an a** the night you were fighting! You never know whos going to be watching or how it will be used against you. Best of luck on your job search and future employment!

Kara B. Krafty

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