What are sex rituals?

Despite the urban approach to life in the 21st century we still live in a society that is naïve about sex. Our cultures are largely tools of suppressing sexuality or limiting it to reproduction and marriages. However, there is all the freedom and liberty that comes with living in our modern world. You have the choice to explore your sexuality and live as freely as possible. It is quite practical to experience sex in non-restrictive or guilty-ridden realms. This is what sex rituals are all about. Although we do have natural sex rituals, the pro-active sex rituals are actually culture-created rituals. Sex rituals involve a deeper exploration of sex and sexuality to realize its therapeutic and pleasure-giving power.

The most common forms of sex rituals are rites of passage. Sex rituals that fall under this particular category are all about the formal transition from social age sets considered childhood to adulthood. Many cultures use private or public induction to mark the ceremonial maturation of its people into active sex. Marriage for instance, is commonly regarded as the formal transition into formal sexual relations.

Sexual rituals are interactions of experiencing love in a social tie that strategically takes the form of a ceremony. The necessity of sex ritual acts is the involvement of a series of repeated activities to meet sexual needs in a satisfactory and intimate level.

Tibetan arts of sex justifies how the consumption of sex in the old way can degrade sex to a laborious activity instead of an enjoyment to bring joy and pleasure into a relationship or energy exchange between two lovers.

The rise of Tantra is an example of what sex rituals means for our sexual experiences. It is not enough to just have sex. As much as it might give one relief to engage in sex, it is by getting present and fully merged in the act that one can derive true satisfaction to impact their mind and soul. Sex rituals bring the benefits of sex to the mind-soul intersection in a liberating sense that not only the bodily flow of juices and excitement is begot from sex.

Sex rituals are also a way to explore the psychic energy as taught and explained by tantra. Since sex is the expression of love, having sex is ideally the pouring forth of psychic energy in a devotion to a lover or partner. Holding and sharing one another’s energy is a form of worship and validation of the divinity of their being. Thus, sex becomes a tower of strength and a source of utter joy.