Top 5 Ways to Get Noticed and Picked Up at a Bar

Its Ladies Night at the local bar, and youre on the prowl. You get dolled up in your best outfit, and head out with your girlfriends, looking for Mr. Right. But within the crowds of beautiful women, barflies, pumas, cougars, gold-diggers, and other women how do you get noticed? Here are the Top 5 ways to get noticed and get picked up at a bar.

1. Look Smoking Hot

Lets face it, the competition is fierce out there! You will increase your chances of getting noticed by just wearing the right outfit and looking put-together. Wear something that will make you look classy and sophisticated, reflecting the successful professional woman that you are. A bold color that will make you stand out will definitely catch the eye of a potential suitor. Try red, pink, sky blue, or anything that would compliment your skin tone. Wearing a trashy, overly revealing outfit will definitely get you noticed, but all in the wrong way. Its best to wear a flattering outfit that hugs your curves, but leaves much to be imagined. Save the sexy outfit for your first date.

2. Location, Location, Location

Just like real estate, the location that you sit at the Bar can make all the difference between no mans land and a date next Friday night. If you are looking to get noticed, dont go into an isolated, dark corner of the bar, or sit in a back booth surrounded by your posse of girlfriends who will act as a physical barrier to getting picked up.

If it is a smaller bar sit on a stool right in the middle of the bar. At this location, when a man orders his drink you will be within his line of sight no matter where he orders his drinks. If it is a larger bar, where the bartenders serve in an island or horseshoe, sit on a corner closest to the door. Not only do you increase your chances of getting noticed when men enter the bar, you are in a prime spot when he orders his drinks.

3. Eye Contact Will Show Him You are Interested

Its tough being a guy. He has to risk looking like a fool trying to pick up on you, and most times, hes going to get rejected. Give him some bait to draw him to you. By making eye-contact, he will feel encouraged to approach you for your number. Okay, were not talking about ogling at him like hes Chris Hemsworth, Ladies. Coy, furtive glances, while conversing with your girlfriends will do the job.

4. Look Like Youre Having a Good Time and Dont Appear Bitchy

Guys will approach a girl if shes hot, no matter what, right? Wrong. My guy friends have told me that they have refused to approach a hot woman simply because she looks dull, boring, bitchy, or completely unapproachable. Become more approachable by having a good time at the bar. Laugh, joke, and smile at your girlfriends. Look like youre having fun, and he will see that you are a fun person he wants to hang out with.

If a guy does approach you that youre not interested in, be cordial and courteous in your rejection. If you are rude, or your girlfriends loudly mock a man after a failed pickup, other men may notice and be turned off by your antics. Its best to be polite and show how classy you are, not how bitchy you are.

5. Hang Out With Equally Hot Women

Men will often approach women with their wing-man. If the women you are hanging out with show up at the bar with a unibrow, frumpy, and dumpy clothes, a man may not approach you because his wing-man wont take one for the team. Make sure that the girls you go out with are dressed equally as nice, are not bitchy, and are equally approachable. In that way, its a win-win situation for everyone.