Hate Your Job? Top Reasons to Get a New One!

Its just another Manic Monday. Well now that you mentioned it, its another Manic Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday too. Its a tough economy out there, so we should count our blessings that we even have a job, right? But at what point does your job make you so miserable that its time to start a new one? Is it time to change careers?Here are the Top Reasons why you should start looking for a new job.

1. You Hate Your Job

Studies show that 80% of us hate our jobs! However, that doesnt necessarily mean we should quit our jobs. Consider leaving if your job affects your well-being and mental health. Maybe your loved ones constantly are worried about you, or insist that you look for another job. Maybe you wake up every single morning with an impending feeling of dread, or extreme depression at the very thought of going into work. Perhaps you are on an anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, or any other medication because of your job. If youve reached this point, its time to start sending out your resume!

2. There is Very Little Room for Advancement

Does your organization only promote individuals from the outside? Or perhaps your employer refuses to train you or give you any opportunities, then later blame your lack of experience as the reason for not getting promoted? Perhaps you are at the pinnacle of your career? Whatever the reason, if there is nowhere for you to advance with your employer, then why stay? We have aspired and worked hard to get to where we are today as a successful career woman. Dont let work hold you back!

3. Your Bosses are Douchebags

Studies have shown that the biggest influence on happiness and quality of life is our immediate supervisor. If you dont get along with your boss, count your days at work and even your life at home to be miserable! However, even if your immediate supervisor is great, but you cant stand your bosss boss, your life can be just as miserable. Why let them get you down? Most of us want a boss that we can trust, are intelligent, and will always have our backs. A good manager trusts us, and does not micro-manage us to death. If management cannot deliver, it may be time to start looking elsewhere!

4. There is Poor Corporate Culture & Communication, and Ineffective Management

Weve all been there before. We dont always agree with our employers policies. But some employers have some really bad and stupid policies. Perhaps management demonstrate how little they care about their own employees by storing files into window offices, rather than hardworking and deserving employees. Perhaps management have yelled at their employees, sexually harassed and discriminated against them, and management have protected these terrible managers rather than their own employees. What is managements response to low morale and bad policy? Communicate nothing but excuses. Its incredibly frustrating and demoralizing to work in an environment where there is poor corporate culture, but for management to blame their employees is insulting.

5. You are Unappreciated and Are Not Recognized for your Work

You may be the foremost and renowned expert in your field of work, and have done an excellent job at what you do. Good for you! But if your employer does not recognize your hard work and quality work-product, then its time to start looking for a new employer. Legitimately, emergencies arise at work, and as a go-getter, you should complete your work without complaint and do your best without hesitation. However, what if your bosses constantly are creating artificial emergencies that you are forced to spend countless hours, even countless days on? What if your bosses habitually forget what they asked for, unreasonably change their minds without explanation, or really have no idea what they actually wanted in the first place. If your boss doesnt even bother to acknowledge your hard work, even with a quick e-mail, then you are not appreciated. No supervisor is that important that they cannot take the time to show you that you are important and that you are appreciated.

6. Everyone Else at Work is Miserable and There is Incredibly Low Morale

Sometimes its nice to have people to commiserate with. Misery certainly loves company. But you get to the point where morale is so low, its like bacteria eating at your everyday work environment. Would you rather work with people who love their jobs, and are happy going into work? Or would you rather go into work where there are constant complaints, people crying, and managers yelling at you? If you are like me, you start to care about your co-workers as friends, and its difficult to see any friend in a miserable state.

7. You Cant Stand the Work you are Doing

Did you start practicing real estate law because you thought it would be an area you would be interested in? Or maybe you became a doctor because you wanted to make good money. At a certain point, you became so disenchanted and resentful with what you are doing that even the money isnt worth it anymore. Just because the money is good, does not necessarily mean you should continue to do something you hate. The Professional Girls Guide previously discussed the reasons for starting a second job. Perhaps its time to transition with a second job before leaving your day job altogether.

Consider These Reasons in the Totality

Okay, lets not all quit our jobs en masse. Its still a tough economy out there, so we cannot afford to be reckless. Have a job lined up before you quit this one. Look at the totality of the circumstances under a sliding scale. On a scale of 1 10, 10 being the worse, if youre seeing more 10s than Bo Derek, then its time to start looking for a new job! Do it for your family, your career, and your own happiness. And never look back!

Nothing in this article should be construed to reflect any of my past employers or own experiences.

What are some reasons youve quit or started a new job? Please leave a comment!