Dress for Success as a Career Woman: Top DONTs for Work

Dressing for success can be difficult for a professional woman. We want to be taken seriously for our quality of work and skills, but also want to show off our unique style and individualism through our wardrobe. What to do? Here are the top things you DONT want to do when dressing for work:

DONT Show Too Much Cleavage at Work

Youve got them, so flaunt them right? Wrong. By showing the twins off at work, you run the risk of being known for your boobs rather than your wit and hard work. Not only that, but you will be taken less seriously, and perceived as unintelligent. Studies have shown that women who are dressed more discreetly are perceived as more professional.

That doesnt mean that you have to cover your assets with a parka or wear turtlenecks! A little bit of cleavage and a tight sweater now and then wont do you harm. Just vary your outfits and necklines enough so you will be known for your impeccable tastes and style, rather than your cupsize and lack of professionalism.

DONT Wear Too Much Makeup to Work

Applying too much makeup will leave you looking like a clown. You will waste money trying to achieve a look that actually detracts, rather than enhance your overall appearance. Instead of spending precious time applying makeup, go for a natural quick and easy look. Not only will you save time and money by doing so, but you will end up looking more professional and work appropriate.

DONT Dress Too Casually for Work

During the hot summer months, were tempted to wear less and less clothing to work. But work is not a Caribbean vacation on the beach. Studies have shown that by dressing too casually, you run the risk of looking like you are untrustworthy, and dressing too casually can even lead to less work productivity.

Make every effort to avoid looking too casual at work. Avoid bare-shoulders, sandals that look like flip flops, shorts, casual t-shirts, and other weekend type clothing. Save it for the beach on your day off!

DONT Show Off your Tattoos, Body Piercings, and Other Body Art

Studies have shown that about half of Americans in their 20s now have a tattoo or some other body or facial piercing. However, just because a younger generation have accepted them into the mainstream, doesnt necessarily mean that your clients or employer accepts them.

If you went to a dentist who had several facial piercings, large visible tattoos, and huge stretched earlobes, what would you think? Although she may have a unique style and be the best dentist on earth, the sad truth is that most people would reconsider, and go to another dentist. She just does not look professional enough. Cover your tattoos and remove facial piercings before going into work. Avoid getting your earlobes stretched altogether, since it would be difficult to hide.

DONT Wear Ill-Fitting Clothing at Work

Youve worked hard to get to where you are today. So dress the part. Just because you got a screaming deal on that Chanel suit, doesnt mean you should wear it if it doesnt flatter your body. Wearing clothes that are too tight may leave you looking fatter than you really are, especially if your clothes are bunching in all the wrong places. Clothes that are too tight may even cause health issues like leg numbness, headaches, gastrointestinal issues, and other problems. On the other hand, wearing clothes that are too loose will leave you looking sloppy and lacking style.

Opt for clothes that are well-tailored and fit your body type. Not only will you look well-groomed and polished, it may boost your self-confidence, making you more successful at work!

DONT Wear a Mini-Skirt to Work

Ive been accused of wearing skirts and dresses that are way too short for work in my career. But the one rule of thumb I always abided by is the Fingertips Rule. With my arms hanging straight down next to my sides, if my hemline fell below or was right at the tips of my fingers, then it was okay for me to wear to work. However, if my hemline fell above the tips of my fingers, then the skirt was not work-appropriate. Of course, if you have freakishly short arms or cheat a little, this rule of thumb may not work for you! Just use common sense and you will be fine!

Dont distract people with your mini skirts. Wear a hemline that is work-appropriate and get noticed for your impeccable sense of style, hard-work, and intelligence.

What are your top DONTs for work? Share a comment with the Professional Girls Guide and it may be added to the Slideshow!