Dont Be a Suck-Up at Work, Be a Go-Getter Instead!

Brown-noser, suck-up, kiss-up. Theres always one at work. You know who Im talking about. She brings cookies and donuts every Friday. She plays golf or joins the same gym as the big boss, just to run into him. She constantly goes around to every single manager and compliments them on everything, and I mean everything. How to Be a Go-Getter Rather than a Brown NoserAnd she is the biggest yes-man on earth. Shes known for being a suck-up, yet her work product is mediocre, even sub-standard. Her efforts gets her noticed and promoted, while your own hard work gets you nowhere. Bitch.

Be a Go-Getter, Not a Brown-Noser!

Dont be known as a suck-up at work. You may get promoted faster, but the last thing you want is for people to think the only reason you received a promotion is because you brown-nosed the bosses. Earn the respect of your co-workers by being a go-getter instead! You want to be known for your hard work, dedication, and quality work-product.

A Go-Getter Talks and is Kind to Everyone at Work, Not Just the Bosses

Get to know everyone at work. Invest in time and a little effort to make small talk around the office. You spend at least 8 hours of your day in close proximity with your co-workers, at least 5 days out of the week. Take the time to walk around and offer a friendly smile or greeting. This builds personal rapport with co-workers, who may someday become people you manage. By greeting your co-workers, you add positivity to the atmosphere and gain go-getter recognition. Its important to not only talk to your managers, but everyone no matter what their title or status. Otherwise you run the risk of being seen as a brown-noser.

A Go-Getter Seeks Work, But Gives Credit Where Its Due

Do not wait for work to come to you. In order to look like a go-getter you have to look like, well, a go-getter! Get started on your work before you are told to do so. If other employees are stressed or need assistance, offer to help. Your co-workers and even your boss will surely notice your determination to get things done. However, keep in mind that you are part of a team. Therefore, lend encouragement to the other people in the office. If someone gave you a brilliant idea to work with, give your fellow employee credit where its due. Acknowledge and tell fellow co-workers when they have done a good job or contributed to a particular project. Dont take credit for something you didnt do. Your co-workers will not appreciate it, nor is it respectable.

A Go-Getter Shows Leadership and Determination, Without Being Bossy

Make sure you are helpful and committed to every project that comes your way. Take the initiative to be a lead on a difficult issue that other co-workers may not want to touch. If any conflict arises, play the part of the mediator. Rather than look at conflict as a negative aspect of your workday, recognize that conflict gives you the opportunity to express your leadership skills. However, be willing to negotiate and compromise with employees, considering everyones idiosyncrasies. Dont be too aggressive or step on other peoples toes in the process. Otherwise, you may look too bossy, and your efforts will be unappreciated.

Get Promoted for the Right Reasons

If you can successfully achieve these skills you will gain the recognition of your boss and colleagues. Further, you will prove to them that you have managerial skills, truly deserving of a promotion. Promoted for these reasons, you will gain the respect of your co-workers, supervisors, and most of all yourself.

What other suggestions do you have? How do you look like a Go-Getter Without Being a Brown-Noser? Please leave a comment.