Networking 101 Part I: Start Doing It Old School


You’re all set on networking.  You update your status on Facebook every two hours, have aHow to Start Networking religious following on Twitter, have thousands of connections on LinkedIn, and you’ve positioned your blog as the next Perez Hilton.  Good for you!  In an age where teenagers would rather text than have regular conversations, you’ve covered all the bases on networking, right?  Wrong.

Social media and networking are great tools to market yourself as a professional woman, but don’t discount face-to-face networking.  It still works!  A Gallup Study found that “the most frequent type of social networking is still analog: face-to-face or over the phone.”  So until we entirely stop interacting face-to-face with each other, you need to get off of your butts, and out on the streets.  Start networking, old school.

So where to start?  At this point, you’re probably picturing yourself at a dreaded industry event, talking to a dull person vying for your business card.  But networking doesn’t have to be just that. Whether you’re attending a friend’s wedding, sitting on a subway on your way to work, or watching a game at the local pub, every activity you engage in is a ripe opportunity to engage in social networking.

Several years ago while working as a Financial Adviser at a major brokerage firm in Washington D.C., I took every opportunity I could to establish social networks with people I met.  No, I was not throwing my business cards out at people, and begging for them on the street.  Every place I went, I introduced myself to people I met and got to know a little bit about their lives.  I did this while out and about the city, riding on the Metro, or waiting in line for my coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts.  Sometimes the conversation would last a minute or two and I would never see that person again.  Other times, I’ve talked to that person for hours, and created friendships that’s lasted for years.  That’s all networking is, establishing a social connection with another person.  What you do with that social connection is up to you.

So don’t be scared.  It’s not as bad as you think it is.  I know it can be dreadful, but networking face-to-face will pay off in the long run.  It can help you gain more business, help you land your next job, and as a professional woman, a skill you must learn to master.

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  1. Kittima Boonsirisermsook says:

    If you are a specialist in my field that is the only way to get any patients!

  2. Pansy Develbiss says:

    Hey! I’ve just stopped by to thank you for this interesting info. Take care!

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